(June 2006)

Palmer Lake historian Jim Sawatzki tells the Town of Palmer Lake board he is producing a half-hour show for the Denver Public Broadcasting System (PBS) affiliate on the history of summer Chautauqua meetings that were held in the Glen area just south of Palmer Lake for about 30 years, until 1910. At that time, the Glen was separate from the town, having its own post office and train depot. The Town of Palmer Lake board unanimously approves a donation of $1,000 to become a “major sponsor” of his proposed television production on the history of Palmer Lake summer Chautauqua sessions and the cabins built for attendees in the Glen. Sawatzki, a previous Emmy award nominee, states the show he is producing for PBS and the Learning Channel will also be released on a 90-minute video disc in late 2007. The disc will include this new show, his previous 30-minute PBS show on the history of Palmer Lake, plus an additional 30 minutes or so of other related historical material about area history. The town will receive 20 copies of the 90-minute disc as a major sponsor, and be listed on the front of the CD package. The $1,000 donation is composed of $500 offered by Parks and Recreation Trustee Trish Flake and Economic Development Trustee Susan Miner from their respective discretionary budgets.

Awake The Lake Committee postponed the Kids Fishing Derby due to low lake levels.

Awake The Lake Committee endorses the construction of an “agricultural” well to be drilled next to the lake.

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