The February Awake Palmer Lake meeting was held last night and we have some exciting things to report. While this is all still an ongoing process, we have made some major progress. Jeff, our committee president, and Pat, a geologist who graciously volunteered his time at great personal cost, spent 13 plus hours in the lake bed on a recent very cold couple of days. The purpose of their “adventure” was to bore holes in the lake bottom so that soil samples could be taken and studied. So in an ironic twist, having the lake empty is a good thing, for now. Don’t misunderstand, the lake will be refilled, but while it’s empty we’re taking advantage of the lack of water to see if there is something in the bed that is preventing water from staying in the lake. The good news is, Yes! and No! I don’t mean to sound cryptic, but there are studies of the soil that still need to be done. When those are completed we will have a more clear picture of how we are to proceed. I will post more information as I get it in that regard.

In other news, we will be trying again for the GOCO grant. We missed getting funded by one point last time. What a let down for those who worked so hard on the proposal! Again you can thank Jeff our committee president. It is truly a labor of love for him. We are also pursuing other grants so if you have any experience with that please let us know! You can leave a message right here on this website.
There are also some events being planned for the upcoming months. More information on those events will be coming soon, but be assured, they will be fun and will include something delicious to eat. Continue to check here, or in the local papers for details.

We as a board are very excited about our progress! Please continue to visit our sight and recommend it to others. I encourage you to get involved where you can, and donate what you can. It’s everybody’s lake! Let’s make this happen!!

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