(October 2006)

Awake The Lake Committee member, Kim Makower, creates a spreadsheet with eight possible legal methods for accessing water for the lake.

At the October meeting of the Palmer Lake Town Council, Awake The Lake Committee member Makower presents a chart of the eight legal methods for filling the lake, the most prominent being the acquisition of water storage rights. Additional solutions offered include drilling an “agricultural” well adjoining the lake and restoring historic water flows under the Union Pacific railroad tracks at the north end of the lake.

Oct 21st – Palmer Lake’s first public sculpture, a bronze statue of “Dizzy,” a German Shepherd owned by Bert Sloan is dedicated in Palmer Lake’s city park. Dizzy had carried tools and supplies from one group of volunteers to another in a small pack Sloan made for him while the Palmer Lake star was being constructed. Bert Sloan and B.F. Jack were the leaders of a group of town resident volunteers who built the town star in 1935.

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