(May 2007)

Palmer Lake Mayor Jeff Parker receives a letter from the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW). DOW states the Town of Palmer Lake signed a contract in 1997 with the State of Colorado that required the Town to maintain the lake for public recreational fishing for 20 years. The letter goes on to state that if the town does not meet its contractual obligations, the town will be required to reimburse the State of Colorado for $63,750 for the remaining 17 years of the contract.

May 10 – Palmer Lake Trustee Susan Miner states, “The long-range economic stability in Palmer Lake is in tourism, because we don’t have the ability to come up with significant growth that will bring us tax dollars. We need to bring people into town…we don’t have a place for them to park… (we need to) get back to the historic way to get to Palmer Lake, come by train.” The town council votes to become a member of the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority (RMRA), an organization of towns, cities, and special districts whose mission is to construct a passenger rail service that will run from Casper, Wyo., to Albuquerque, N.M.

May 10 – The Palmer Lake town council unanimously approves a motion to have town attorney Larry Gaddis and town water attorney Ronni Sperling file for water storage rights in Palmer Lake. At the urging of the Awake the Lake committee, Palmer Lake officials order the town’s attorney to seek storage rights for the lake. Awake The Lake committee volunteers to pay $20,000 for the cost of representation.

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