Is Palmer Lake’s Namesake Disappearing?

By Christopher Tomeo
The Tri-Lakes Tribune
Published July 27, 2003

Some are concerned that Palmer Lake is disappearing and they want to talk about it.

Much of the discussion at the Palmer Lake Planning Commission August 21 centered on the town’s namesake and the water, or lack of water, in it these days. An informal group, that also made an appearance at the Aug. 14 Town Council meeting, raised concerns that the lake is stagnant and is running dry and that town officials are not taking steps to prevent its ruin.

“Is there a solution?” asked Palmer Lake resident Judith Harrington. “Is there some way this problem, this demise of the lake can be helped?”

Both commission members and trustees assured the concerned residents that the lake is not being ignored and possible solutions have been discussed.

The resident group pointed out that the town has a $10,000 lake restoration fund and offered some suggestions about how to use it.

One suggestion was that a chemical or solution be added to the lake to reduce the amount of water that seeps into the ground. Another resident suggested that a well be drilled exclusively for the purpose of pumping water into the lake.

Harrington also asked if it might be possible to make one end of the lake deeper and then landscape the end that remains shallow.

Harrington also added that she would like to form a committee to investigate all possibilities for lake restoration.

Planning Commission members asked these residents to research some of their ideas and report back with any information they uncover.

Commissioners added that they appreciated the efforts and concerns of the residents.

The most recent known measurement of the spring-fed lake was at the early-June Fishing Derby, when the deepest point was 27 inches. … [remainder of article lost]


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