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The historic town of Palmer Lake is nestled at the base of Sundance Mountain on the Palmer Divide. The town began as a small settlement near the shore of the lake, which once served as a water stop for the steam engines of the Denver Rio Grand Railroad. In the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, it became a recreational vacation spot and tourist destination. As the years have come and gone, the area around the lake and the town itself has seen times of growth and times of recession. Today Palmer Lake is home to over 2000 residents who enjoy many activities such as hiking, biking, the annual Yule Log Festivities, the Star Lighting ceremony, and the annual Taste of Palmer Lake. For many years the town has hosted the annual fourth of July fireworks show. The fireworks show has been voted one of the best in the nation for a small town for several years. However, due to lack of water in the lake in recent years the fireworks show has been moved to nearby Monument. It is our hope that when the lake is restored, the town will be able to once again host the grand fireworks show.

Wanting to enjoy the small town atmosphere and avoid the hustle and bustle of  the big city, many people travel from miles around to visit the restaurants and businesses of Palmer Lake.