Awake Palmer Lake

To restore, preserve and enhance the natural landmark Palmer Lake, and the beauty of its surrounding park land.

Upcoming Events!

Sunday September 29th 2024

Have you seen all the train cars on the bridge? You can add your very own unique piece of history and all proceeds go to Awake Palmer Lake.

Recent news

New Staff Gauge installed

Volunteers recently installed a new Staf Gauge! The staff gauge will measure the water level of the lake. We will collect data to see how weather affects groundwater and how groundwater affects lake levels to better forecast how the lake may look as droughts ensue. This information will assist us in being better able to take steps to maintain it. We used to have to guess as to how much water is in the lake, now we will know.

Our Mission

To salvage, restore and recreate the natural majesty of the namesake of our town.

To prevent any future significant water dissipation due to drought and other natural causes.

To enhance and update surrounding recreation areas.

Awake the Lake is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit