Here is a quick update regarding the Bridge placement in Palmer Lake. We’re very close! The Railroad is a bit difficult to deal with, but we just have to roll with it.  We will try to keep rolling updates here as we get them.

Published Monday January 6th 11:16am
The placement of the pedestrian bridge over the railroad is still on schedule to be placed tomorrow between 8:00 and 1:00. We will let you know if we hear of any changes in the schedule.

Published Wednesday Dec 17 9:17am
After meeting with SEMA (our contractor) and BNSF (the railroad) on Tuesday Dec 17th we have determined that the bridge will dropped on January 7th. This should be a fun day as the big crane will be placing the bridge span (weather permitting). Once the bridge is placed it will take approximately another week to pour the concrete deck. Lastly there is more dirt that needs to be brought in and dirt work to finish both sides before pedestrians will be able to utilize the crossing.

We are getting close, let’s keep our fingers crossed that this date will hold.

Published Friday Dec 13 9:06am
This morning, being Friday the 13th, brought some bad news for placement of the pedestrian bridge.  SEMA (our contractor) received word from the RR that placement of the bridge on the 19th will not work with the railroads schedule.  In addition, they have stated they do not want this to occur between now and the new year.  That said, and if the current schedule can be held, placement of the bridge will occur the week of January 6-10, 2020.

I wish that GMS, SEMA, the Town and / or Awake the Lake had say in the matter but we do not.  The Rail Road is in the driver’s seat and they dictate time and date.

The meeting scheduled for today was bumped until next Tuesday to meet the RR’s schedule.  The meeting will remain on the schedule so hopefully any other issues can be resolved before the week of the 6th to the 10th.

This is very unfortunate news.  On the bright side, they are allowing this to happen over winter months which was in question at one time.  I will keep you posted on the next scheduled date for picking the bridge.

Published Wednesday Dec 11 10:16am
We thought we would be placing the bridge on Thursday the 12th, but the railroad is requesting a last minute “pre-pickup and place” conference, we hope to have that this Friday the 13th in the afternoon.  It’s a small set back, and a prudent one considering we’re lifting a giant bridge over an active railroad track.

The huge crane should mobilize to the site next Wednesday the 18th. The schedule is to pick up and place the bridge Thursday the 19th.

The bright side is we have a target date – Thursday, Dec. 19.

We thought we would be placing the bridge on Thursday the 12th, bu

We will do our best to keep you updated here.